1. Who is 10bet手机官网?


2. What kind of research does 10bet手机官网 conduct?

Many of our projects are traditional focus groups and in-person interviews. We also conduct shop-along interviews, 口味测试, mock juries and many other kinds of research, particularly as the research landscape is constantly changing. 今天, we assist clients with a range of consultative services and we conduct online studies, 国家研究, ethnographic research, 和更多的.

3. What is a focus group?

焦点小组是一种定性市场研究技术,当一小群人参与由有经验的主持人领导的讨论时使用. It is an opportunity to express ideas or concerns in an open forum/group. And like many locations throughout the world; what happens in a research study stays in a research study!

4. Who are research participants?

受访者(参与者)可以是任何有资格并同意参与研究的公众成员. 消费者, 医生, 病人, 看护人, business professionals, 所有类型的其他特殊群体都被要求参加研究,并获得酬金, usually a Visa card, for their time and opinions. 善于表达, 承诺和守时的人,谁准备分享他们的意见是最好的受访者.

5. What do research participants get for qualifying and participating in the study?

• Normally participants receive a reimbursement, 一份礼物或酬金,用以抵消因自愿参加而产生的任何费用.
• 有机会在职业领域结识其他人,或者与你有共同兴趣的人.
• Active discussion about areas of concern with other individuals during the group.
• 受访者反复告诉10bet备用网址官网,他们发现10bet备用网址官网的研究小组是有趣和愉快的.
• 为未来的营销概念和产品开发所听取和考虑的意见.

6. When do I receive my honorarium?

参与者在研究项目完成后立即收到他们的酬金(在10bet备用网址官网的任何设施进行的研究结束时立即收到)。. For some off-site or online studies, 10bet备用网址官网将在邀请之前通知您,酬金将邮寄到您的地址. This can sometimes take from two to typically a maximum of four weeks, although some studies are on-going (e.g, three-months, six-months, etc.),在这种情况下,您的时间通常会在研究期间得到不止一次的补偿.

7. How will I be reimbursed?

Forms of honorariums vary from study to study. Sometimes we provide cash or checks, but most often with Visa cards, which have a six-month expiration date. The method of payment is determined both by our client and 10bet手机官网.


8. The last time I participated, I was reimbursed a different amount. Why the difference?

10bet备用网址官网的客户通常决定多少参与酬金将是. Part of our responsibility, 然而, 是否引导客户偿还足够的金额以抵消您可能因参与而产生的任何费用. Honorariums depend on the time commitment for participating, locale and difficulty of finding the specific target audience. 客户有时也要求在研究访谈之前强制参与预小组研究任务. This task also increases the amount our clients are willing to reimburse participants.

9. 你的客户是谁??

Our clients want and need to remain anonymous for the majority of our research studies. Some clients will reveal themselves when anonymity is not needed. However, most will remain anonymous in order to prevent study bias. Just as we ensure your privacy, we must also ensure that our client’s identity remains confidential upon their request.

10bet备用网址官网为许多类型的行业和公司包括产品制造商进行研究, 组织, and advertising agencies just to name a few!

11. 你为什么要问我的年龄、种族背景、教育水平和/或其他人口信息?

Our clients request that we invite a balanced, 不带偏见的混合受访者参与他们的研究,以最好地实现其目标受众的代表性.

12. What exactly is the study about?

The general subject matter is typically provided. 为了防止偏见,10bet备用网址官网不了解将要讨论的确切主题和概念.

13. If I qualify, why am I not necessarily invited?

Clients may only be looking for 16 respondents total. In turn, we screen hundreds of people to find a good balance of qualified respondents. 有时10bet备用网址官网已经填好了一个小组,你可能有资格参加.


14. How do I cancel for a research study I’ve committed to participating in?

10bet备用网址官网希望你能打电话给邀请你的招聘办公室的现场代表. 当这样做, 请注明与您被邀请并同意参与的研究相关的项目编号. 参加者出席研究将被记录,取消可能导致排除在10bet备用网址官网的数据库.

15. What is a “firm” commitment and why is it so important?

We ask that respondents make a firm commitment to participate upon invitation. We promise our clients a certain number of respondents for each project. When respondents miss their scheduled appointments with us, we miss our target and have no opportunity to replace them. 这可能导致严重的影响,客户选择不返回Nichols研究由于低“展示率”.

In the case of an emergency, please call us to cancel as soon as you are able to so that we may find a replacement. 最重要的是, we want to be able to count on those who have agreed to participate, 准时到达, and contribute to the research.

另外, 10bet备用网址官网会跟踪参与者的参与情况,并将停止通知习惯性迟到或不到场/不到场的参与者.

16. What is a “hold” status and why am I on it?

“保持”状态意味着您的回答接近合格,但只是超出了10bet备用网址官网的客户所寻求的参数. 这也可能表明你符合条件,但10bet备用网址官网已经接受了太多像你这样回答的受访者. 如果10bet备用网址官网有能力,10bet备用网址官网将把你的答案放在“搁置”,以呈现给10bet备用网址官网的客户. In the event of relaxation of participant requirements, 或取消航班, 10bet备用网址官网可能会在研究当天拨打“暂停”电话,邀请他们参与.

处于“等待”状态的参与者不需要为10bet备用网址官网在他们的日程安排中保留一个位置,如果您后来得到10bet备用网址官网客户的批准,10bet备用网址官网理解您不再有时间参加活动. 同样地,当您处于“等待”状态时,10bet备用网址官网也不会为您在研究学习中保留一个位置.

17. I am on the national “Do Not Call” registry. Why can you still call me?

市场调研行业被排除在国家禁止呼叫登记之外,因为10bet备用网址官网不销售或推广任何东西. The Federal Trade Commission regulates the National Do Not Call Registry. Please see page 9 of their report regarding marketing research calls.


18. How do you protect my information?

10bet备用网址官网的专有数据库软件具有安全参数,只有那些签署了NDA和保密协议作为雇佣条件的必要人员才能访问. 10bet备用网址官网采取一切措施来保护所有个人身份信息的安全.

10bet备用网址官网不会就研究的性质或信息的使用方式误导参与者. We take the privacy of your personal information seriously.

请检查10bet备用网址官网的 隐私政策 Page.

19. I no longer wish to hear from 10bet手机官网. Will you remove me from your contact list?


请电邮至 remove@p7f0ji.ceekape.com to unsubscribe and provide us with the name, 电话号码, and email that you would like to have unsubscribed from our opt-in database. You may only make the request on behalf of yourself or your child under the age of 15.

20. What’s the gimmick? What are you selling?

We unconditionally guarantee that we will never try to sell or promote anything to you. There are no gimmicks – we legitimately help our clients through marketing research, but do not have any involvement in their direct sales or marketing.